Hot to Prepare Boiled Rice


Rice : 12 2/3 oz : 3 servings

— Stuffing —
Salt, Salted plum, Sesame etc.
* Salty and strong-flavoured ingredients are a good combination.


1. Washing Rice

Fill a bowl with cold water and add rice.
Stir it quickly, and pour off the opaque liquid immediately

Fill the bowl with fresh water from the tap.
Press the rice repeatedly 20 to 30 times with the heel of the palm to make the grains rub against each other.
Pour off the opaque water.
Repeat this procedure about 3 of 4 times until the water becomes almost clear.

Drain the rice washed, above on a sieve.
* It’s okay if you don’t have to do this.

Make a shallow cavity at the center of the rice heap, and let it rest for about half an hour in summer and about 40 to 60 min in winter.

If you cook rice immediately after washing, the grains will not become full and plump when cooked.

2. Cooking Rice

After draining the rice thoroughly, transfer it to a rice cooker.
Rice needs to settle after the heat it turned off, but modern rice cookers handle the whole cooking process up to settling automatically.

If your rice cooker has no settling function, allow the grains to settle with the cooker covered for about 10 min after it is switched off.

3. Finishing

Open the lid of the rice cooker.

Insert a wet Shamoji or flat wooden spoon between the rice and the inside walls of the cooker, and gently overturn and mix the rice.
This finishing process will allow the steam trapped inside the rice to escape, and make the rice crisp and plump.